Vegetable Tanned Leather

“Veg Tanned” Leather is the finest type of leather you can buy with a wide range of qualities, finishes, and variations. Vegetable tanning is a traditional tanning process which has been used and perfected over thousands of years throughout the world. The process consists of taking raw hides and soaking them in a mixture of barks and other plant materials which contain tannins. This is done to prevent decomposition of the hides and allow them to be used as a durable raw material. This process can take anywhere from 6 weeks up to 1 year depending on the process used. Vegetable tanning is an environmentally friendly process which creates a beautiful and timeless material to work with. Products made with Veg Tan leather can last generations if properly cared for.

Chrome Tanned Leather

Chrome Tanned leather uses chromium salts and compounds and is the most widely used leather on the global market today. Chrome tanning leather, drastically reduces the amount of time needed to complete the tanning process to hours instead of weeks. Chrome tanned leather is widely used in the upholstery, apparel, and the automotive industries. The characteristics of chrome tanned leather and its manufacturing process allow for lowers costs, more variety in colors, better weather resistance, and softer more pliable tempers. With that being said, the tanning process is in most cases not very environmentally friendly, and the durability of the leather is far less than that of Veg Tan leather.