Italian Pebble Grain Leather Golf Valuables Pouch – Ocean Blue


Ocean Blue Leather Golf Valuables Drawstring Pouch

Handmade Italian Pebble Grain Chrome Tanned Leather Golf Valuables Drawstring Pouch

Sizes (Sizes will vary slightly due to being hand made)
Medium Size – 6″ x 7″

Color – Ocean Blue

Leather Tannage – Chrome Tanned
Leather Weight – 3 – 4 oz

Lace color will vary between brown, gray, and black depending on what’s available at the time of purchase. Please let us know if you would prefer a specific color and I we will do our best to accommodate.

Beautifully soft Italian Pebble Grain leather cow hide.

Great to throw in your golf bag or bring with you to the course. Use this bag for tees, cigars, your phone, wallet, keys, balls, ball markers, divot repair tools, small green army men, smaller bags, scorecards, snacks, a few juice boxes, petite sandwiches, an air horn, skins money, Werther’s originals hard candy, and much more.